Tips and Tricks for Having the Best Time at Anime DeMoii

  1. Plan your day.
    We have a lot of new programming to offer this year, along with some classics. Take a look at the schedule so you can plan on which events you’ll have to see at the convention.
  1. Come early.
    Parking is limited at Drake. We have two parking lots reserved this year, but since Drake is still an active campus, space will fill up fast. Guarantee you get a parking spot by coming early. Plus this allows you to enjoy everything DeMoii has to offer, from opening to closing. Doors open at 10:00.
  1. Bring cash.
    Not all vendors take credit cards, so make sure you have a little cash on you if you intend to shop. There is an ATM on site, but who likes all those pesky surcharges?
  1. Meet new people. Try new things.
    Conventions are a great time to make friends and do something you’ve never done before. Anime DeMoii offers brand new experiences and locals that share your interests. Compete in the cosplay contest, try your hand in Smash Bros, watch a new anime, talk to someone who has a keychain from that one anime you just LOVE.
  1. Enter contests. Win prizes.
    There’s a lot of ways to win free things at Anime DeMoii! When you register, you’ll receive a raffle ticket. Put your name on the back of this ticket and put in the box located at the JASI vending table. There’s a drawing every hour. Enter some of the fun contesting to win prizes too. The 1 Hour Drawing Contest, Anime Jeopardy, the Video Game Room, the Pokemon TCG Tournament, and the Cosplay Contest all have amazing prizes up for grabs.
  1. Eat, drink, and be merry.
    We want everybody to have a good, and healthy time. So, keep your body going by making sure you eat lunch and stay hydrated. There are plenty of water fountains on site and the concession stand that will be serving hot food and beverages.
  1. Be nice and know the rules.
    DeMoii has a zero tolerance policy. We’re all here to have fun and we will not tolerate bullying. If you’re caught being aggressive, rude, mean, or harassing, we will escort you from the convention. DeMoii staff can be identified by their bright red sashes. If you are being harassed, feel uncomfortable, or just have questions, please track one down.
  1. Volunteering = ❤
    Our small convention wouldn’t be able to function without the help of volunteers. So consider offering an hour or two of your day to help out. Ask any staff member for details. Plus when you volunteer, you gain access to the volunteer room where you can grab a snack and take a break away from the crowds.

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