Anime DeMoii 2016 Schedule


4 thoughts on “Anime DeMoii 2016 Schedule

  1. Can you post a non-Scribd version of the schedule. A .pdf or Word document might be easier for most folks that don’t have a Scribd account.


    1. Scribd is WordPress’s preferred method of showing PDFs. You don’t need a Scribd account to view the schedule. We understand it does ask you to sign up in order to download the schedule and we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you. But printed copies of the schedule will be available day of the convention.


      1. Thanks. I have several students from my school’s anime club that are attending and they like to plan out their day by writing on a hard copy of the schedule ahead of time. Having it easy to print without registering for a one month trial to Scribd to just print seems very awkward and unnecessary.


      2. It free to set up an account with Scribd. The one month trial is actually part of their ebook collection which allows users to access a variety of published books, but you don’t need to subscribe to that to access our PDF.


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