Parking 2016

There have been a few changes this year with parking. You will now be required to purchase a $2 parking pass from Drake University in order to park on campus.

Parking passes can be purchased HERE or from the guard stand at Lot 16 (the closest lot to Olmsted center.) Cash only will be accepted on site. Please place passes in a visible spot in your windshield. Top tiered sponsors ($25+) will be receiving passes as part of their sponsorship package.

The passes will be good for any commuter lot on Drake’s campus. The recommended lots are marked in red, with recommended overflow lots in pink. Please be aware of reserved parking spaces, such as spots marked for Drake staff, overnight students, and 60 minute visitor parking.

Free street parking is available but limited and may require some walking to get the convention.

Drake University can and will ticket and/or tow cars found parking in unauthorized spots or without passes.




4 thoughts on “Parking 2016

    1. Sponsors will be receiving an email in the next few days with their passes. A copy of this pass will also be given to them at registration when they pick up their badge if they are unable to print this pass from home.


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