Pre-Registration and Vendor Registration are now open!

Registration is now open!

Sign up for Anime DeMoii HERE! By pre-registering, you will get a printed Anime DeMoii badge with your name in a lovely plastic holder! If you register at the door, you will simply get a sticker badge with your name.

Vendor Registration is also open! To become a vendor at Anime DeMoii this year, fill out the form HERE! We’ve already had a lot of interest for vending this year, so make sure you get your form in soon to guarantee a spot.

And stay tuned for other announcements this month!

Anime DeMoii 2015 Survey

Anime DeMoii 2015 has come to an end! Thank you to everybody who made it this year. As our staff and volunteers begin to recover, now is the time to look back at all the fun memories we made. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for exciting pictures and recaps. We encourage you to share your photos and stories as well!
In the mean time, if you could spare a few minutes, please take this survey about Anime DeMoii 2015, so we can continue to improve for 2016!

Tips and Tricks for Having the Best Time at Anime DeMoii

  1. Plan your day.
    We have a lot of new programming to offer this year, along with some classics. Take a look at the schedule so you can plan on which events you’ll have to see at the convention.
  1. Come early.
    Parking is limited at Drake. We have two parking lots reserved this year, but since Drake is still an active campus, space will fill up fast. Guarantee you get a parking spot by coming early. Plus this allows you to enjoy everything DeMoii has to offer, from opening to closing. Doors open at 10:00.
  1. Bring cash.
    Not all vendors take credit cards, so make sure you have a little cash on you if you intend to shop. There is an ATM on site, but who likes all those pesky surcharges?
  1. Meet new people. Try new things.
    Conventions are a great time to make friends and do something you’ve never done before. Anime DeMoii offers brand new experiences and locals that share your interests. Compete in the cosplay contest, try your hand in Smash Bros, watch a new anime, talk to someone who has a keychain from that one anime you just LOVE.
  1. Enter contests. Win prizes.
    There’s a lot of ways to win free things at Anime DeMoii! When you register, you’ll receive a raffle ticket. Put your name on the back of this ticket and put in the box located at the JASI vending table. There’s a drawing every hour. Enter some of the fun contesting to win prizes too. The 1 Hour Drawing Contest, Anime Jeopardy, the Video Game Room, the Pokemon TCG Tournament, and the Cosplay Contest all have amazing prizes up for grabs.
  1. Eat, drink, and be merry.
    We want everybody to have a good, and healthy time. So, keep your body going by making sure you eat lunch and stay hydrated. There are plenty of water fountains on site and the concession stand that will be serving hot food and beverages.
  1. Be nice and know the rules.
    DeMoii has a zero tolerance policy. We’re all here to have fun and we will not tolerate bullying. If you’re caught being aggressive, rude, mean, or harassing, we will escort you from the convention. DeMoii staff can be identified by their bright red sashes. If you are being harassed, feel uncomfortable, or just have questions, please track one down.
  1. Volunteering = ❤
    Our small convention wouldn’t be able to function without the help of volunteers. So consider offering an hour or two of your day to help out. Ask any staff member for details. Plus when you volunteer, you gain access to the volunteer room where you can grab a snack and take a break away from the crowds.

Parking for Anime DeMoii

Parking can be tricky around Drake University, so please use the map below to help.

Lot 24 has been reserved just for Anime DeMoii. Please let the parking attendant know that you’re there for Anime DeMoii. Lot 16 is also a public lot, so you’re welcome to park there, but the lot is also shared with Drake students. There’s also a lot of street parking around the convention. Be careful of the posted signs around the campus so you don’t get a ticket for parking in a student lot. Overall, come early to guarantee you get a good parking spot.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.58.04 PMPROOF1_ParkngLotMapRevised

Digital Pokemon Tournament Rules

Plan on competing in the Digital Pokemon Tournament this year? It’s a little different from last year, so please read the rules below.

  1. The digital tournament will be carried out on Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Alpha Sapphire, or Omega Ruby. Unfortunately, other non-3DS editions (Black, Black 2, White, White 2, etc.) will not be accommodated.
  2. There are 8 gym leaders in total. In order to participate in the bracket-style knockout tournament, you will need at least 4 badges to enter. This number is subject to change with sufficient notice on the day of the tournament.
  3. Battles will be carried out in a 3-on-3 format, with the exception of the rotation-battle gym where it will be 6-on-6.
  4. Level caps
    1. Every Pokemon will have a level cap of level 50.
    2. If a trainer has a Pokemon that is under level 50, it will be bumped up to the appropriate level. If it is over 50, it will be taken down to level 50.
    3. If you are unaware of how to do this, consult your gym leader or tournament director.
  5. There will be trainer cards provided for badges to be placed on. They will be available in the gaming room of the convention. Badges will be in the form of stickers that are to be put on the card. It is highly recommended that you put your name on the card, so that if it is lost, we may be able to provide contact.
  6. Gym leaders will be identifiable by a blue ribbon. An example of the ribbon will be posted in the gaming room on the day of the tournament. You may battle a gym leader an unlimited amount of times, however, if there is a queue of trainers that are waiting to battle a given gym leader, you must go to the end of the queue.
  7. It is at the gym leader’s discretion of whether or not they want to battle multiple trainers at once. Please do not assume that just because a gym leader has 2 systems, they are going to be willing to do this.
  8. Certain Pokemon, moves, and items are forbidden:
    1. Banned Pokemon: Arceus, Genesect, Darkrai, Yveltal, Hoopa, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem,Zygarde, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Xerneas, Diancie, Mewtwo, Mew, Keldeo, Meloea, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Ho-Oh, Victini, Volcanion, Lugia, Shaymin, Groudon, Regice, Regigigas, Regirock, Registeel, Jirachi, Deoxys, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Kyogre, Phione, Manaphy, Latios, Latias,Thundurus, Landorus, Tornadus, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Cresselia, Heatran, and Celebi. This includes all mega forms of any of these Pokemon.
    2. Species Clause: Each Pokemon on a player’s team must have a different National Pokedex number.
    3. Item Clause: Each Pokemon on a player’s team must be holding a different item going into a match. The following
    4. Items are also banned: Eject Button, Red Card and Soul Dew.
    5. Self-KO Clause: The player automatically loses if their last Pokemon use Self Destruct or Explosion. Destiny Bond and Perish Song also fail when used by the last Pokemon.
    6. Sleep Clause: Each player can only have 1 opponent’s Pokemon be put to sleep at a time. Exceptions are Pokemon using Rest or self induced moves.
    7. Evasion Clause: Moves such as Double Team, Minimize, Sand Attack or any other moves that decrease accuracy and/or raise evasiveness are banned.
    8. OHKO Clause: Moves such as Fissure, Horn Drill, Guillotine and Sheer Cold are banned.
    9. If you are found to be using a banned Pokemon or banned item, you will be asked once not to use said Pokemon or item. Repeated violations will be subject to tournament expulsion.
  9. Anyone who is found to be in violation of these rules is subject to expulsion from the tournament. Any infractions that are deemed to be in violation of the convention itself will be deferred to the convention rules. Threatening, violent, abusive, or hostile behavior of any kind will result in expulsion from the convention, regardless of appeal.